May 21, 2021

Canadian Firm Hosts Eco-Friendly Virtual Trade Shows

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As the COVID-19 pandemic forced cancellations of trade shows, events and festivals, business plummeted for Do Better Marketing, a division of Canadian distributor Avatar Brand Management (asi/127901). While that's been a familiar refrain for distributorships throughout North America, Do Better Marketing doesn't just sell promotional products - it operates mobile apps that improve the trade show experience for both exhibitors and attendees. There's GreenTexts, where exhibitors upload their print material and attendees can choose which documents they want to download. There's also GreenTaps, where attendees place their phone camera on a sticker at a booth and the exhibitor's brochure pops up on the screen, similar to how many restaurants are presenting their menus these days. David Betke, Do Better Marketing David Betke, principal of Do Better Marketing, has created these apps. Last year, he felt obligated to get suppliers back at their booths in some form or fashion, so he developed GreenShows , which hosts eco-friendly virtual trade shows. "GreenShows was our saving grace," Betke says. "The only other event business we did was printing T-shirts for festivals' online stores, but the festivals offered fewer SKUs than they would in person, so we didn't sell as many products. Plus, without physical events, there are no volunteers, so we lost out on printing shirts for them." Since January 2021, GreenShows has hosted 12 events, providing suppliers and multi-line reps the ability to showcase their product line from the comfort of their home or office. In addition to the virtual trade show floor, the platform offers individually branded virtual tables with two- to eight-person seating, speed networking, live speakers and panels. There's also on-demand content to build buzz for the event up to six weeks prior. Karen Slabotsky, senior sales rep w/ @MartiniVispak , brings such enthusiasm that you feel like you're on the trade show floor! #GreenShows #PromoProducts pic.twitter.com/uycwnuLwlU — John Corrigan (@JCorr_ASI) May 19, 2021 According to Betke, the longest show ran six and a half hours, boasting an 89% audience retention rate. "Several reps have requested quarterly shows, even once things open, because they can reach more customers in less time and keep them engaged," Betke says. GreenShows also contributes to the environment. For each virtual event, Do Better Marketing purchases one metric ton of carbon credits, which allows the company to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. Plus, the company plants five trees for each virtual booth. Since January 2021, GreenShows has planted over 2,300 trees. "If you're a company that does conscious business with strong corporate social responsibility and need help with trade shows, let's talk about how we can help you change the world for the better," Betke says.

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