May 27, 2021

ASI Chairman Norman Cohn Honors the True Meaning of Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is this weekend. It is the gateway to summer, beaches and barbecues. Although I love many other holidays because of family get-togethers, I do think Memorial Day is one of the most important. This is not because I am a veteran (six years in the Air National Guard Reserves), but because of what it symbolizes: Honoring the United States service members, particularly in remembrance of all those who made sacrifices to keep Americans free. Maybe this reminder is needed more this year than in many past years. This weekend, we should take a moment to remember all of the battles and sacrifices that have been made so we can celebrate this weekend as free people. I hope in this remembrance we will make America imperfectly whole again. Here are two quotes I usually share on Memorial Day: • Heroes never die • Those who enjoy the privileges we enjoy never forget the men and women who died to win them On behalf of Tim Andrews and all of the ASI family, we wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday. God Bless America. Regards, Norman Cohn Chairman Advertising Specialty Institute ® | Every Step of the Way™

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